Dear Bobcat Families,


It is hard to believe that we are at the end of another school year. It has been a busy year focusing on student academic achievement, Bethany Pride Character Traits, learning to work together in a collaborative environment, and much more!


All year, students and teachers have been creating wonderful memories of their school year at Bethany Charter School.  As we approach the end of the year, it is a great time to reflect upon all that we have accomplished.  I know that as I begin to read student report cards and sign for grade promotion, I can see each day a lot of learning took place!  Each day brought many exciting challenges and successes but together: Teachers, Parents, Students, and Administrator – were able to come out on top and almost always with a smile at the end! There have been a lot of memories to recall for this school year: Annie Play, STARR reading, Awards Assembly, Focus on PRIDE, the best BBN productions, releasing fish, hatching chickens, making natural mint tooth paste, babies being born, earning a free field trip to Oregon AG festival, strong participation in the Silverton Art Fair, Field trips, class activities, science fair, many cubs being born, and the list goes on.  As you reflect upon this school year, what memories will you remember, what memories will bring a smile to your face, or perhaps a tear to your eye?  What memories will you take with you from this year?



I want to say “Thank You” to all our volunteers: parents, relatives, community members, and former students!   Your support is greatly appreciated!  You gave us your time and had a willingness to spend countless hours in the classrooms, and for that we are greatly appreciative. No task was too small or big; you stepped in and helped in the classroom to get the job done.  I say…”THANK YOU!”  Be sure to join us at the July 1st summer work party. There are going to be some big changes on the campus with help from professionals and our community family.


I extend a “Thank You” to our wonderful teachers and staff at Bethany Charter School. I am so happy to be a part of a dedicated teaching staff that works diligently to ensure students are taught the skills they need and given the support they need along the way. The Charter Staff not only encourage our students to learn, but they take on new learning themselves.  They bring new practices and strategies to the classroom so that all our students receive the very best.  A shout out to the amazing office staff: Mrs. Campbell.  She does a tremendous job running the office and making sure we are ready each day.  She joyfully greets and supports parents, helping with many different needs: tardies, early dismissal, calls to teachers and mostly assisting students with band aides and ice and helping those upset tummies.

No matter what your role at Bethany Charter School, know that

“You are all amazing!”


Parents, be sure to keep your children reading, writing and solving everyday math problems during the summer. Three months away from learning makes it difficult to ensure academic readiness for the upcoming grade level standards.


I wish you all a wonderful summer break and continued academic success.  We will see everyone on September 5th when we return back to school! 🙂

Let’s make 2017/2018 another great year to be a Bobcat!

Mrs. Frank