Staff welcome!

Thank you Bethany Charter School Community,

I would like to extend a warm thank you to our community. April is truly off to a very involved family time for our Bobcats.  On April 6th, we hosted our annual school auction fundraiser and had a wonderful time.  “Adventure Awaits” was this year’s theme. The evening’s décor was an outdoorsy environment of gloriously lit up trees, ski mountains, tents, kayaks, and candle lit tables set with birch and fir.

Auction décor

The crowd was served a delicious meal of fried chicken with bourbon sauce, waffles, caramelized carrots, and a dollop of potato salad prepared by Mr. Julio Vallera.  Cheers were served by Mrs. Jessi Newman and entertainment and emceeing provided by our music department, Mr. Adam Robinson and Mr. Evan Merklin.

We have two parents to thank for doing the requests for auction donations behind the scenes.  Ms. Grimmer and Mrs. Murphy were out kindly seeking donations to support our cause. There were so many great things to bid on. I was most impressed with the Stihl chainsaw, the family getaway to Idaho, and all of the class art projects.

Auction Donation Tables                                             Class Baskets& Class Art

The highest bid was on the 1st and 2nd grade custom original barn window, creatively organized by IA Megan McDonnell.  That piece went for a whopping $480.00!

1st & 2nd Grade Class art went for $480!

Desserts were provided by many of our staff members, fathers, and mothers.  We are proud to announce that Jason Schurter has been awarded the first Bethany Auction bake off monogrammed apron for his winning dessert, a German Chocolate cake. It was so darling to see the dessert high bidders sharing with their fellow bobcats.

Yummy Dessert Table!

We are very pleased with the earnings from this year’s auction and are able to put $9838.00 into the school renovation account!  A huge thank you to the staff at Bethany for all of their positive efforts in making this event happen.

On April 13th, our Parent Club hosted the second annual Mother Son Fun Night.  The theme was set in the West and mothers and sons came out to line dance, shoot lasers in the OK Corral, and enjoy some down-home chili and hotdogs. Also, a great big thank you goes out to our Parent Club for making this event a great opportunity for mothers and sons in the Silverton area communities.

Our last event is for the entire family to come out and celebrate: STEAM night, which will be held Thursday, April 25th from 5-7pm. We have an educational evening for families to participate in the areas of science, technology, engineering, arts and math. We hope to see all of our families attending that evening which truly sums up our mission statement at Bethany.  Please make it a must do for your family.

The best part about being a bobcat is the people in our school. Our families are amazing! We have to come together as a community in order to provide the most rewarding learning experience for our students and we can’t do that without all of our volunteers! There will plenty more opportunities left this year for you to contribute by volunteering. Please check with the office if you are interested.


Mrs. Frank