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Please wish a warm welcome to our newly elected Booster Board members:

President-Carol Schurter

Vice President-Claudia Gonzalez

Secretary-Sierra Ditchen

Treasurer-Charlotte Goldman

Join Us at Meetings

The Parent club meets once a month in the gym at 2:45 on the second Friday of each month. Come join us and let us hear your ideas! Thank you to all the new parents we are seeing attend!

Who or what is a Parent Club?

The Bethany Parent Club is a club formed of the parents, students, teachers, and staff of Bethany Charter School. We are a club dedicated to the support of Bethany Charter School in Silverton. This club was formed before the school became a charter school and has continued as a club with its support of the school.

Membership in this club is automatic for any registered student family (this means the parents and student are members as well as teachers and staff). Also any extended family or community member who wishes to be involved in the school.

There are no membership dues or fees!! You don’t have to pay to be a club member.

Where We get money and What we Fund

Income: The majority of the Booster Club funds come from the annual auction and Harvest Festival.

What is funded:

Graduation ceremonies

End of year Activities

Teacher Appreciation

Assist with upper grade overnight trips

Assist with classroom field trips

Assist with assemblies

Assist with classroom supplies, equipment

We have recently funded in 2017-2019:

  • Ipads and Chromebooks for classes
  • Covers for technology equipment
  • A new keyboard for the music teacher
  • A new set of chairs and a chair stand for entire school
  • A new set of folding tables and stand for entire school

Do you want to help with a specific activity or committee? We need to know. We welcome help from any and all Boosters. Remember – you are already a Booster!  There is no sign up sheet to be a member!