Dear Bethany Charter School Families, Our first priority as a school district is to provide a safe, healthy environment for your child to learn. But, as you know, we are facing a worldwide pandemic with Coronavirus (COVID-19). With direction from the Governor and health experts, we are CLOSING Bethany Charter School BEGINNING MONDAY, MARCH 16th and continuing through the end of Spring Break. Classes are scheduled to resume on April 1, 2020. We were scheduled to have a planning day to prepare for this, but the Governor beat us to it. Staff met quickly during their lunch hour to chat about expectations. Each teacher will be determining their personal plan for keeping our Bobcats on the education track. March 16-March 20th teachers have prepared a week worth of schoolwork in the content areas of literature and mathematics. Please do as much as possible to keep our bobcats moving forward in these two core curriculum areas. We have so much to learn from this closure and truly can reflect on the ever-changing education system that we are in. I feel that the speedy closure has opened up a possible goal to add to the Charter School development plan: to be able to provide continuity of learning and the continuation of education in the event of a prolonged school closure or student absence. Love your kids, enjoy family time, help others, stay healthy and do your homework. You are able to email your teachers during regular school hours from 7:45-3:30 the week of March 16th-20th for more information.

“Worry is like a rocking chair: it gives you something to do but never gets you anywhere” – Erma Bombeck

We will miss our Bobcat time together!

Mrs. Frank and Staff