Home Schedule for Remote Instruction 2020

Please click the link above for a suggested schedule for remote learning. At the top of that form, you will see a click “here” link* to go to a staff directory for more in-depth classroom info and guidance. These forms will automatically be updated as the teachers change them. Some of these process will morph over time as we continue to meet as a staff and get feedback from families. Thank you for your patience as we learn together on this new endeavor.

You will also see a form marked attendance. Please check in as a family so we can insure that you are in attendance for online school.

There are also links to fun supplemental activities and resources for your students. Feel free to look around!

*when clicking a Google docs link, you will click and the actual link will hover above and you will click that to advance to the page. These pages have a lot of data and may take a minute to load. Please let us know if you have any questions about this.  If you have specific classroom questions, please contact your teacher. Thank you!