Parents, Students, Staff, and Learning Coaches,

We did it!  We are all pioneers of the first-ever Bethany Charter virtual school year during these unprecedented times.  My words of wisdom for this start up are, “You cannot do anything wrong if you are trying your best.” I am reaching out to you this Friday afternoon at 2:30 to say thank you! I cannot tell you how much I appreciate all your patience, kindness, and resilience in this unique time. Parents, teachers, brothers/sisters, and day care providers have been tasked with the job of teaching children while simultaneously trying to work, worry, clean, cook and carry on. Our common goal at Bethany Charter School for our students is to work to become independent learners.  This too can be accomplished during our comprehensive distant learning model.  As a coach or parent during virtual learning, you may desire your student to produce perfect work or may even want to step in and help them with everything.  This is not helping your child grow and learn from exploring and making mistakes.   Most of you are not certified teachers, but you have learned how to navigate our virtual classrooms, Google Classroom, Go Math, Think Central, Stem scopes and the list goes on and on.

I appreciate you. All your emails and texts, pictures of kids, and special notes make everyone’s day a little brighter and makes us feel a little more connected during these times. We have parents reaching out to renew the family library and asking for books to share.  Families have already begun to earn fair share commitment hours by raking and bagging leaves.  Staff is putting in extra time on campus to make sure students have belongings necessary to learn.  The efforts and attitude that we have will reflect to our children and enforce that together we can make the best out of a situation that we have no control of, and we can do our best to keep engaged and safe.

I appreciate you and your children in all the amazing ways that makes each year a pleasure to be a Principal in the Charter, in person or virtually.

Know that you are doing the best you can, and we see you.  Do not hesitate to reach out if you need support.

Mrs. Frank