January 21, 2021

Dear families and students,

I am writing you today with a little bit of hope. The road ahead is challenging, and nothing is certain, but we are hopeful. Thank you for taking the time to seriously contemplate what would be best for your children and completing the survey respectfully.  I know how difficult it is to make such a decision. Please see below the measures we are taking to make an informed, safe decision for our students and staff.

Data collected from our recent family survey:

Comprehensive Distance Learning In Person Instruction No reply/ awaiting more data
33 students 81 students 20 students
25% 60% 15%


+ We are closely following along with the District plans to reopen.

+ The January 19, 2021 Oregon Department of Education webinar to open left us with many questions and further steps with mandates that need to be in place before this can happen. We are in contact with our District nurses as well as local health authorities to get additional guidance.

+ We are researching our legal liabilities and risk assessments depending on the reopening matrices and the terminology mandated vs. advisory.

+ January 27 I will meet with our Board of Directors to discuss the possibility of students returning.

+ Initial Dose COVID-19 Vaccinations for educational staff are being offered beginning on January 23rd.

Since Governor Brown’s decision to change the opening guidelines from mandatory to advisory, we have been busy preparing for the return of students to campus.   We continue to monitor pandemic conditions here and around the world, seek advice from medical experts including infectious disease specialists, and evaluate our plans. As has been the case throughout the pandemic, our plans are subject to change. But, currently, we still are hopeful of welcoming students back to campus sometime this year.  We appreciate your patience as we continue this very difficult task.

We are attaching the link below to the current version of the ODE Ready Schools, Safe Learners Guidance for your information.


As always, please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.

Thank you.



Kathy Frank