January 29, 2021

Dear Parents and Students,

In our efforts to keep you informed on how we are progressing with the opportunity to return to face-to-face learning at the little red schoolhouse, we wanted to share this information. I know many of our cubs and parents are anxiously awaiting the day we can have student back into the building.  I can assure you that many hours are going into trying to make this happen. A special thank you for Mrs. Campbell for her additional support in this. After reviewing materials, attending many meetings, and analyzing data and mandates, we are starting to see a light at the end of the tunnel.  I am thankful for your patience and understanding as we tread this next step with the focus of what is best for our students and staff during this time.  

The parent surveys that have come in have naturally defined what our potential hybrid model would look like. We are viewing this with the lens to best benefit our students and staff along with educational and social needs.  This survey gave parents the opportunity to provide us with the choice that works best for their family and children.  That choice was to continue with comprehensive distance learning or participate in a hybrid model where their children will have time on campus.   

I will be presenting to our Board of Directors the plan for reopening at our February board meeting.   At this time, we are looking at potentially welcoming our students to in-person learning, provided health conditions allow on Monday, March 1st.  The potential schedule would be as follows: 

Mondays-Comprehensive Distance Learning for all (Teachers film Science & Social Studies) 

Tuesday-Friday an AM/PM schedule 

Cohorts will be grade level.



8:00am-11:00am in building (Math, Reading, & Writing) 

12:30pm-3:30pm Comprehensive Distance Learning (Science/SS) 


11:30am-12:15pm Staff lunch and sanitizing



8:00am -11:00am Comprehensive Distance Learning (Science/SS)

12:30pm-3:30pm in building (Math, Reading & Writing) 


Please keep in mind that this is all subject to change as we continue to navigate. Final schedule TBD

In closing, I want to reiterate our gratitude for your continued support and wish you and your family good health and good spirits throughout the winter months. I feel confident that when we all return together, it will be with a greater sense of belonging and a renewed perspective on all the values that make Bethany Charter School such a special place. Don’t hesitate to reach out with questions or concerns.
Kathy FrankPrincipal