Bethany Charter School


Current Metrics for Hybrid Instruction

March 3rd, 2021|

Here is where you can find the metrics info for on-site and hybrid instruction. This will updated by Wednesday afternoons. If there are any changes to status that cause us to return to Comprehensive Distance [...]

Enrollment for 2021-2022 school year!

March 1st, 2021|

We are at that time of the year again! Enrollment is open for Bethany Charter School! If you are an existing Bethany Charter School student, please fill out this return enrollment form and get back [...]

Parent General Info 2-26-2021

February 26th, 2021|

Weekly Schedule for 2nd semester: MONDAYS– All Comprehensive Distance Learning (No students in building) TUESDAY-FRIDAY AM Cohort 8:00-11:00 am (No drop off before 7:55am) PM Cohort 12:15-3:15 (No drop off before 12:10pm) DROP OFF/PICK UP: [...]

Family Update 2-25-2021

February 25th, 2021|

Family update for today including "Can I send my child to school today?" and review of the Family Health Agreement. Click here to access: Family Update 2-25-21

Possible Reopening Update Jan 29th 2021

February 4th, 2021|

January 29, 2021 Dear Parents and Students, In our efforts to keep you informed on how we are progressing with the opportunity to return to face-to-face learning at the little red schoolhouse, we wanted to [...]